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BlueStar Infotech Placement Paper (Aptitude)

Paper: BlueStar Infotech Placement Paper (Aptitude)


1.complete the series 1 6 3 7 5 8 7 ?
  ans: 9

2. 2 persons start from a pt. and go in opposite directions. After going 3 km they turn left and walk 4 km .how far r they now?

Ans: 10 km

3.there was a question on work something like 2 typists type 2 papers in 4 hrs then in how much time will 5 typists take or something like that

4. there were 2 question on proverbs you were supposed to tell the meaning.

5. A person runs 6 ft in 1/4 sec. how much it will run in 10 sec.

ans 240

6. find odd one cat ,dog, rabbit, hamster, elk.

7. In a party man & his wife ,and there r 2 son with their wives, and every son has 4 children in his family .how many person r in party.

8. unscrambled the word P U T E C A S A H (like that)

  9. add a word in starting of SCAPE and at the end of Grass, u will get two different word
  ans:- land , grassland , landscape

10. all men of this party are republican . Mohan is member of this party. Mohan is republican is true or false or can't say?

11. there r 1200 elephant .some have blue and pink strips. some have pink & green strip. 400 elephant. have only pink strip. how many have only blue strip

a. 400

b. can't determined.

c. none


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