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Company : Robert Bosch
Date : 16 th September '06
Place : Coimbatore

Hi Friends

I was short listed for the Interview round of Bosch. I wrote my exam nearly a month ago and last week the ppl at Bosch called me up n told me that I have my interview on 16th

Im a 2006 ECE passed out....when I was searching for the interview process of Friends I could find only for CSE students exp..n no ECE students exp N hence I have added up thz note so tht it would be helpful for any of u

Ok comin to the process.........

Technical Round: ( It was for an hour n 15 mins)

There were 2 interviewers for me in the Tech round
I went in n I shook my hand enthusiastically with both of them n with a big smile in my face..n I said hello to both of them. Then they asked me to take my seat, n I thanked them n then pulled over my seat, n sat on it stiffly

1) they said..to begin with ..u tell abt urself
        for this i started with..my name n other things,n my quail, what all courses I did, n so on...
2) How did u get to know abt Bosch?
      I told them that my Placement off @ our coll called me up n informed me..
3) this position is for programming side only n r u interested?
    I said, s ofcourse n told them some examples of my programming skills

4) then they told me I have to do some tech work too..
   I said im interested in it sir

5) Wht r all the types of C data types?
   I told them its of two kinds n ..so n so...

6) They asked me wht r all the user defined Data types
     I told them

7) Whether Union is a User defined Datatype r not?
   I told it is a library type...but they asked me again is it so?
   So told them that I have learnt like..so n so ..so im pretty much sure abt it
   N one of the Hr told me tht it is user defined.
  So I told them tht I might be unaware abt it..n hence I would recheck it, when I return back to home
Im sure tht here they tried to check my confidence level 
then they aksed me questions in Micro processor 8085..which is my area of interest

8) wht r all the interepts in 8085?
   I told them

9) n they asked me wht will happen to the sequence of prog when an interept occurs?
     I worked it out before them

10)wht is ur proj?
     I told them 
11) imagine tht im a unaware of anything abt ur proj? now tell me abt it so tht I would really understand it.
 so I started it .....n ended up with it after some time

12) then they asked me some questions on it

it went on

13) how did u get this project? Wht was ur source?
         I told them it was an IEEE paper

14) Are u a member of IEEE?
     I said....i was a member of it sir

15) Why didn't u renew ur membership? Was it the fee tht mattered?
    S I said......

16) wht do u know abt Bosch
        now I started with that....about 120 yrs ago..n so on then I think after 5 min I ended up with it, also saying the comments given by its CEO for why they preferred to start a tech center after bang (it was not in the site)...

17) n after I finished with it one of the hr asked me whether I saw their web site?
     I said I did see it in the site www.boschindia.com
18) Praveen this position is for Coimbatore only ....r u ready to work here?
   I said ofcourse  I'm..n even if u ask me to work at ur Bglr center I will be willing to turn over there..

19) when did u finish ur Degree? I mean which month?
        I said in the month of April 

20) wht were u doing all these months?...nearly  5 months?
    I told them tht I did a course in N+ which was for a duration of 2 months n after that I did another course in CCNA....n it was for 1 1/2 months..it took me tht time
N im preparing for the certificate exam of tht....to be certified by CISCO

21) Why didn't u do a PG?if u get it now will u do it?
    I told them tht I won't do it now as of....n I need to know abt the industry requirements...I actually elaborated it ..
    I actually could see some smile in both of their faces

22) Ok Praveen...do u have any questions?
    I was actually waiting for this chance..since I sensed that one of the 2 was a really tech guy, n since I was an ece student (actually passed out student) I asked them abt one of their technology....they both had a really big smile...
I think they were expecting me to ask about the salary...

Then I started of with tht I this situation happens this is what is done by the technology..
so sir what is actually happening there?
Can u please tell me abt it?
...so he also joined me up n elaborated it

23) n said thtz all...any more
    n again for me, one more opportunity..so told them my follow-up thank n also I thanked them personally for so n so..n also told good work from their team

24) u wait ouside we will inform u wht to do next....
n so I came out

I actually waited for an hour or so, unaware of wht is gonna happen ?
Whether I would be called of for the HR or I will be turned back?
After some nail biting moments..one of the employee told me tht I have one more round to go

They called me in..there was a single lady HR

She asked some details abt me, my family which she noted down in a paper as I told
She asked wht was I doing all these 5 months, after I finished my degree (same answer)
It was for some 20 mins or so..n she told me tht will call me up after some days.

I'm still waiting for my result

Dono wht will happen.......
Any how this would be helpful for u all I think


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