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Hi Friends

I attended Mphasis company on 23rd Jul 2007 its very easy if one is strong in technical n aptitude

There are II rounds

In the Apti round there were 4 sections

a. English grammer: there were synonynms,  antonyms, fill in the blanks wit apropriate words (10 questions)
b. Logical Reasoning was a bit tough (refer GRE barrons)(15 questions)
c. Mathematics: purely quantitative aptitude (refer RS Agarwal, chapters to refer numbers,pipes & cisterns, monkey problem, trains, speed, work, percentage) (15 Q) 
d. Technical: refer Yashwanth kanitkar- test your c skills)(20 Q)

Totally 60 Q 60 Marks n cut off was 25. I got exactly  25.

2nd round was GD
it was not the normal discrete GD.
They gave us two topics
1.night life in bangalore
2.some tin abt harry potter.... don remember properly 

I chose the 1st topic...there were 25 in a group each 1 had to come up on the dias n speak abt d topic for 2 min, they just test ur communication skill n body language, it dosent matter how reliable u speak...


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