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Hi Friends

I got placed in MPHASIS on 15th Sep 2007 at IET, Alwar in joint campus recruitment. The technical questions asked for me are from C, C++, Software Engg., Data Structure, DBMS.

Various questions are:
1) what is new ?
2) what is diff. between new and malloc ?
3) what is diff. between link list and array ? Small Program on singly Link Lists
4) how many normal forms we have ? and tell something about each of them ? Is Boy Codd Normal Form Suggestable? if so why

6) what is spiral model ?
7) what are various phases of sdlc ?
8) name some protocols !
9) tell output of a program !
10) tell diff. b/w C and C++ ? 
11) Difference bet C and Java (Atleast 5 points)

DBMS Question:
Construct E-R Diagram for Banking System Where the Bank Operates like 4  different Banks Combined or Coming under the Authority of Single Bank. Collect all the customer details and represent how do u relate them using tables, Represent the same using E-R (Very Easy if u know the basics)

HR Questions Like,
Why  MphasiS
MphasiS Words? (Answer: Put your passion to work Turn it in to Opportunity)
EDS (Expertise answers Results)
Why the name MphasiS an EDS?
Why IT Industry? How long will u stay?
Then, If you get on site Opportunity Will u go for long time?
Why IT Companies hiring non-IT Graduates? What do u think about that?
Willing to relocate?
Night Shifts? ok?
Salary biased or work biased?
Where will u see yourself after 1 year?
Future Plans?
Why not higher Studies?

Guys they will drill in HR if we say one thing they will make us to Surrender with Words! So be careful.. if u lose confidence and boldness that moment u r out!

The main thing is ur confidence level. simply say no if u think u donno d answer. 


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