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Hi Friends

I am Shishir Saxena doing my E.C. from A.B.E.S. Engg. College Ghaziabad. I got selected in pool campus to MphasiS an EDS (Electronic Data Segments) company. It was basically a one day process of the entire program.

The entire process was smooth and consisted of 3 rounds :-

WRITTEN TEST: It was conducted at different time slots for a large no. of college students appearing for the test at R.K.G.I.T. college, Ghaziabad. The written test consisted of four (4) sections:
Section A: English comprehension test.
Section B: Reasoning test.
Section C: Aptitude test.
Section D: Technical test.

There was no negative marking at the written paper so do try to attempt all the questions for a better chance of selection. Here by I provide the certain details of the written test as being remembered by me:

Section A: English comprehension test.
There were two unseen passages & related to them each had 5 questions to be answered. These were not so easy have to be sorted very carefully.

Section B: Reasoning test.
It contained two questions on venn diagram could not remember them but like
Q: P,Q,R & S. where p wears big goggles& shoes other were something else like this.
5 questions on data sufficiency. One of them was as follows:
Q: What will pinky buy
If she buy pink dress, she also buys pink shoe.
If she do not buy pink dress, she will not buy pink shoe.
Two problem on ages:
Q: Pointing to a person, lady said, "He is the son of my father's only daughter" how will the lady be related to the person.
Ans: Mother.
4. Two direction problems:
Q: A boy starts journey towards north 20m, then he turned left and walk 10m, again he turned left and moved
25m, and finally he turned left and move 10m, how far is he from starting point.
Ans: 5m.

Section C: Aptitude test.
5 problems of profit and loss
Q: A person sell an item at 100 Rs. with 15% profit find C.P.
Q: Average of batsman is 34.If in next innings he scored 119 runs and his average is 37. Find the no. of innings played.
Certain other problems like on population, etc.
Q: A train leaves a station at 9.00 p.m. Another train leaves same station at 10.00 p.m. first train runs at 35 kmph and Second train crosses the first train in 4 hours. Find the speed of the second train.
Q: A two digit no. is 20 greater than no. form on reversing the two digits no. Find the two digit no.
Q: Today is 14th April and day after tomorrow is Wednesday. What will the last day of the month?
Ans: Wednesday.
Q: A do a work in x days and B in y days. Starting from A, they worked for alternate days. In how many days the work will be completed.

Section D: Technical test.
Questions from C, C++ few of them are:
a. If in a circular queue, front and rear are at adjacent location then this is the condition for (overflow).
b. If address location is not allotted, malloc function returns (null pointer).
c. Notation for calloc is (p=(ptr *)calloc(10,6)).
d. Which of them returns a null pointer (malloc)?
e. Stack work on the basis of (LIFO).
f. An array is a (Collection of similar elements stored at adjacent memory location).
g. First element of a tree is (Root).

h. Main()
{ int a=5;

( No output).

i. something related to memory management.

When the result was declared at around 3.30 p.m. I with my three other group friends was being short listed in the written test. Then we were being sent through the PPT. After the PPT the next level of the interview started.

Tech and HR interviews were being taken one after the other.
At the tech. as I entered the room was asked
How am I feeling today?
What did I have in my LUNCH?
Any tech. language of my interest?
Then questions from C like who created C language and others?
Then he switched over to microprocessor and asked questions like what is microprocessor?
What is 8085, 8086?
Difference between 8085, 8086?
What is segmentation of memory and others questions?
Then was asked where will I find my self in the next five years?
Then he asked me whether I have to ask any question to him?
I said definitely and asked if recruited what sort of projects would be that I would have to look after?
Was answered and was sent to the HR room for HR interview.

HR Interview:
Firstly asked how am I feeling today?
What do you know about MphasiS?
Why MphasiS?
Tell me about yourself?
When I was introducing myself from the past 8-9 min. was being interrupted in between and was asked the other questions
Do you have any problem in signing bond?
Do you have any problem in relocation?
Do you have any problem in working in shifts?
And was asked to go to the seminar hall.

Then finally at around 7.30 p.m. result was announced and my name was in the list of the selected students and I there by became a member of the enormous group that is MphasiS an EDS company.


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