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Mphasis Interview Experience - Bangalore, July 15 2014

Hi everyone,

I am going to share my mphasis interview experience with you all. 

It was a pool campus drive at oxford college of engineering, Bangalore.

Rounds: 1. Online test.
             2. Interview(Technical + HR).
             3. Versant test.

Online test was conducted by amcat and it consisted of four sections(arithmetic aptitude, English, Logical reasoning and Technical). For aptitude and reasoning RS aggarwal or any other standard books(or even Indiabix) would be sufficient.For english comprehension I did not prepare separately it was pretty easy. The test was attended by around 700+ candidates and only 30 were shortlisted for the next round(yes even I was shocked knowing this).

I got a mail after 3 days saying that I had cleared the first round and was called to mphasis office at bagmane tech park to attend further rounds. The interview went pretty smooth. The HR was a really cool guy. I will describe the interview below:

1. Hr: Tell me about yourself?
   Me: Told.

2. Hr: Being an ece student..why software?
   Me: Told.

3. Hr: Goals in life?
   Me: Told.

4. Hr: Hobbies ?
   Me: Told.

5. Hr: Now let me ask you some interesting questions...and he asked a puzzle and a 
         Series(find next number) question. I answered both correctly.

6. Hr: What is your proficiency in java?
   Me: I said being an ece student I know the basics and can write simple programs.

And then he asked me about oops concepts and some more questions about java. I answered them confidently(though not perfect!). He asked me about java coz i had mentioned it in resume. So prepare your resume carefully..as most of the questions would be about what u have mentioned in resume itself.

After some time I was told that I had cleared that interview too and was given a sheet about instructions for the versant test. The versant test basically checks your communication skills. A recorded voice on phone asks you some simple questions(tricky ones though). Questions will be like reading some sentences, repeating the sentences which u hear,rearrange jumbled sentences you hear and story retelling. Be careful this is also an elimination round.

I cleared this too and around 20 were selected finally.  
All the best guys. Confidence is the key!


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