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Mphasis Interview Experience - Jabalpur, 31st july, 2014

Hey, just got my offer letter from Mphasis, Dated: 6th of Aug

Hello Guys, Sharing my interview experience with all of you

Those who are still jobless should try give amcat and elitmus paper at the earliest. They provide very good opportunity to all. I was sitting in home after the completion of my degree this year. But it wasn't for long, I got the chance to appear for Mphasis interview by amcat on the basis of my score and my resume, yes! to shortlist you, they consider your resume as well, so try to make it best, don't write common objectives from the internet, try to make one by yourself, or try to search deeper on internet.

As you all know, there are 3 rounds generally:

1st its Online test.
Then technical+HR interview.
Final round is Versant Tests for Communication.

As I got the chance through amcat, I didn't have to appear for the online test as it was already taken during amcat exam, I just gave interviews and final round i.e. Versant Tests for Communication.

Technical+HR interview:-

The HR mam was super cool, the interview was fantastic and wasn't that tough like my earlier interviews.

1. Introduce yourself? (Common question, prepare it like you have made a script of a movie, there are various others common questions too, prepare them well in advance, you wouldn't wanna stop in front of interviewer).

2. It will be asked either from your resume or from what you said in your introduction, she asked me being an ECE student why I wanna join software field? (Prepare it if you are from non IT branch, they will ask you definitely).

3. I have done many projects in VLSI, embedded, she wanted to know would I be comfortable working on programming languages like C++, java etc, she also explained that Mphasis has very little department related to embedded, VLSI, she couldn't guarantee me job in those dept.

4. Next it was logical question, there are traffic from 3 sides at crossroads, and 4th side is free, there are certain conditions to move those traffic, how will you manage it?

5. Then, it was again a common question 'Why should they hire you?'..just explain whats different in you from all the other candidates applying for that job.

6. Then it was related to my family.

That was the last question, she wished me good luck for the Versant Tests, thats it, she didn't ask any technical question though i was prepared for them.

Versant Tests:-

It is the toughest round and most of the student gets out in this round just because of their soft voice, if you have soft voice try to speak loud, with soft voice you have added advantage of clear pronunciation but just try to speak loud, 2 of my friend got out just because of that :(

you will be given a Test paper, then you will have to dial a number and then you will have to enter your special code, you can download the sample test paper from the Versanttest website, here is the link -> https://www.versanttest.com/samples/Versant-English/Sample-TEST-PAPER-Versant-English-Test-watermark.pdf

If you have problem with confidence, Just prepare those common interview questions well in advance, it will help you a lot, I hope my experience will help you get your first job. As I was writing this, I got my joining date as well :).

Good luck for your future :))).


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