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Mphasis Interview Experience - Asansol, October 30, 2014

Hello friends, I am from Computer Science department, a day ago I was attended Mphasis interview. After giving my AMCAT exam they called me through my college. 

There was two rounds -

1. Technical and HR Interview.
2. VERSANT (Voice Assessment Test).

In the first round they have asked from C, Java, C++, Data Structure and DBMS. The questions are conceptual and if you have the concept clear then it will be easy for you. The questions are like representation of tree or linked list using C, SQL query like joining, complexity analysis of a C program, any C++ program, method overloading from java, use of super keyword in java, why we use B-tree, string length calculation using pointer, etc.

In the second round they have taken a telephonic interview. This is mainly about your listening skills and in this round there are 6 parts, in the 5th part they will say you 3 brief story of 30 seconds and you have to memorized it and have repeat the whole story, the accent will be american and british.

Then after waiting about an hour they came with the result and congratulate me as I was selected as a Software Engineer. 

My tips to you guys is keep confident on yourself as you are the best candidate.


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