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Mphasis Interview Experience - Bhopal, 4th November 2014

Hello everyone,

I have attended open campus drive by Mphasis.

Rounds [Written, Interview, Versant round]

Written test:

It was conducted by AMCAT there were 4-5 sections.

1. English (Paragraph, Optimal word, Sent ordering, Antonym, Synonym).
2. Aptitude.
3. Programming section (C, Data Structure, Algorithms).
4. Reasoning (Seating arrange, Coding decoding, direction sense, etc).

60 Students cleared written test out of 1800.


It was easy, they asked questions about Project, Technical subject, Programs.

(Write Algorithms : Write algorithm for a glossary story. That would inform if any item is about to finish).

DBMS Query.

(Write a query in 3NF to Extract Salary more than 10000, order alphabetically access to first name, form dept Transport).

I wrote a normal query using OrderBy, From, Select (like everyone write), but he said this is not in 1nf at least.

They also asked few Puzzles (based on Cards.,)

Last round Versant round (most eliminating):

I got eliminated in this round.

- They'll send you in a room. There is a telephone with some instruction paper.
- You have to talk on phone with a computer system other side.
- There are 6 sections.

1. Read the sentence he ask you to read.
2. Repeat sent that he said.
3. Arrange the jumbled sentence for listen 30 sec long story repeat it after a beep.
4. Question and Answer round, he will ask the question you have to answer in one word. 

(listening and understanding matters because phone line was not clear and accent got harder and harder with each new questions)

5. Two open questions.

You have to give their answer in 40 sec.

Cutoff as 53 out of 100 (I got 48).

Finally 18 got their Offer Letter. (Don't get shocked by this figure if you cleared written test just prepare versant round practice more for that only).


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