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Robert Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions(RBEI) - Hubli, September 26, 2013

Hi all,

I had attended campus drive at my college BVBCET(hubli), rounds were as follows :

1. Online Test : 60 questions (35 technical+25 apti and verbal) it was conducted by "hirepro".

In technical section questions were on Analog(MOSFETS, BJTS, Q-points, Op-amps) Digital electronics, C/C++/Embedded C (on bit operations, dynamic memory allocation), RTOS, Control Systems, etc.

Be thorough with basics.. !

I apt. and verbal concentrate on time & work, time & distance, permutations, synonyms, analytical puzzles, passage, fill in the blanks, etc.

Negative Marking was -0.25 and right answer 1 mark.

2. Tech Interview(45 min):

I was asked questions on simple real time applications, questions on C macros, pointers, structures and unions, diodes, bjts, microcontrollers, projects carried in deep, etc.

3. HR Interview(30 min):

Started with introduction, why bosch, higher studies plan , puzzles ,etc.
If you want to be in bosch please say no for higher studies question in interview.

After a week long waiting got recruited into Bosch.. :).

All the best be confident .. :).


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