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Mphasis - An HP Company - Bhopal, November 4, 2014 & Jabalpur, November 7, 2014

Hello Friends,

First Of All I would like to Say You that Mphasis is a Very Good Company To Start your Carrier. You Can Learn Lots of New Technology & have Your Own Project.

Its CMMI Level -  Level 5 & PCMMI Level - Level 3.

Eligibility Criteria: 60% & Above in Graduation.

# Please Have Patience To Read The Entire Blog. I Have Worked Hard To Bring You each & Every Phases Of Interview In Mphasis.#

Mphasis Rounds:

It Consist Of Basically Three Rounds.

1st Round:- Written Exam.
2nd Round:- Technical Or Hr Interview.
3rd Round:- Versant Test (Communication Test Over Phone - VoIP).

Note: All The Above Mentioned Rounds Are Eliminating Round.

ROUND 1: Written Exam

The Online Test Was Powered By AMCAT - Aspiring Minds.

The Test Consist Of 100 Question (4 Section) One Mark Each, However there were No Negative Marking.

Section A: English (25 Question, 25 Minutes).
Section B: General Aptitude (25 Question, 35 Minutes).
Section C: Computer Programming (25 Question, 35 Minutes).
Section D: Logical Reasoning (25 Question, 25 Minutes).

Note: You Will Be Given 3 Minutes Break After Completion Of every section.

Section A: English:

In English question Came From Jumbled Words, Spot the Error, Situation Dependent Question and Passage Based Question (2 Passages).

Section B: General Aptitude:

In this Part Few Question came From Profit/Loss, Speed Distance & Time, Number System, Percentage & Few Question were From Logarithm.

Section C: Computer Programming:

Here Question Came From topic such as Solving Pseudo-Code, Complexity, Asymptotic Notation, Recursion, Data Structure, Providing Output & Spotting The error in the Program.

Section D: Logical Reasoning:

Question From Patterns Following, Puzzle, Situation Dependent were Asked.

Note: There Is a Sectional Cut-Off Of 15. That is, You Need To Secure At Least 15 Marks In Each & Every Section. 

ROUND 2: Technical Or HR Round:

I Found this Round To Be The Most Easiest. Let Me Share My Whole Experience During Interview Process.

Mr. Menon, A Delegate From Mphasis Took My Interview.

I: (Opening The Door) Good Morning Sir, How Are You.

Interviewer: Well Morning. I am Fine. How Are You Doing?
I: I am Doing Good Sir, & Eagerly Waiting For My Semester Exams.

Interviewer: So Sumit, Do You Have Girl-Friend.
I: No Sir, I Do Have No Girl-Friend !

Interviewer: Don't Tell Lie, At Least tell the truth in front of me.
I: I have No Girl-Friends But "I do have Crush On Someone".

Interviewer: Well, I Was Just Pulling Your Leg, Don't Take it Seriously. Now, Tell Me About Yourself?
I: Answered.

Interviewer: Why Did you Opt for Computer Science? Is this the reason That there are lots of Girls in this Branch?
I: Answered.

Interviewer: Solve This, A Spider Needs To Climb 12 ft of Wall. On a Day He Climbs 3 ft and fall by 2 ft. How Many Days Would be Required By this Spider to Climb The Wall.
I: Answered, But My Answer Was Incorrect.

Interviewer: Could You Please Explain.
I: Answered The Wrong Answer Correctly.

Interviewer: You Have A very Good Resume, And you Majorly Elaborated DBMS.
I: Answered.

Interviewer: What is Normalization?
I: Answered.

Interviewer: Could You Create A Normalized Table For the Database Of Transport Department.
I: Answered, But Again My Answer Were Incorrect.

Interviewer: Provide Me A SQL Query For The Following Situation.
I: Answered, But Again My Answer was Incorrect.

Interviewer: Sumit, You need lots of hard-working. None Of the Answers For My Questions Were Correct. I am Confused of putting you into the third round. You Answers Every question Confidently without thinking what is been Asked. I Am Puzzled about you, and When i Am Puzzled i use Puzzle.

(Interviewer Gave Me Few Puzzle For Solving)

Interviewer: Could You Solve These Puzzle.
I: Answered All the Puzzle Correctly & Explained.

Interviewer: Nice To Meet You Sumit, Please Wait Outside For Next Round.

(I Happily Came Out From that room & Started Preparing For the Last Round)

(My Interview Lasted For 20-30 Minutes)

ROUND 3: Versant Test (Communication Test Over Phone (VoIP)).

In This Round You will be Placed in a Room Provided With A Land-line/Fixed-line. An Instruction Manual Will be Provided to You About The VERSANT Process.

Note: Do Not Cut The Phone Line Unless Your Versant Is Completed.

This Round Was Divided in 6 Parts.

Part A: Repeat The Following Sentences As Directed.

Part B: Repeat The sentences When the Computer completes that sentence.

Part C: Rearrange The Following Jumbled Words.

Part D: Answer The Following Question.

Part E: You Will Be Told Story (3 Story Consecutively).

Narrate The story In Your Own Words. Only 40 sec will Be Given For Narration.

Part F: Simple Question Related To You.

Tip: Speak Clearly Keeping Receiver Close To You. Don't Panic if You Missed Any Sentence In Part-B, Repeat The Previous Statement but don't be Silent.

Thus VERSANT was Very Easy Round Too, Also Most Of the Student get Eliminated in this Round.

I Was selected and Got My INTENT Letter In 3 Working Days. My Joining Would Be On 
15 - June - 2015.

Thank You For Your Sincere Reading. I Hope You Got Enough Information About The Whole Process Of Mphasis.


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