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Mphasis Interview Experience - KIIT University, 1 Dec 2014

Hello everyone,

I had attended pool campus drive by Mphasis.Students from many colleges were there.i am from kiit university.

about 850 students were there.

Rounds [Written, Interview, Versant round].

Written test:

It was conducted by CO-CUBES there were 4 sections.

1. English (Paragraph, Optimal word, Antonym, Synonym).
2. Aptitude (general questions not very tough ,R.S agarwal is enough)
3. Reasoning (study from R.S Aggarwal)
4. Programming section (general concept about C, Data Structure, Algorithms).

First 3 sections had 20 questions each and 4th section had 15 questions.

Online test was conducted on 9th Nov. in kiit university after 15-20 days they declared the results and called for the interview on 1st dec 2014 at ITER college bhubaneswar.

Around 150 students cleared the 1st round out of 850. I was one of them.

On the day of interview there was a brief intro about the company by their representatives (HR members) there were 4 members.


First he asked me a general question.''tell me about yourself''. Every interviewer will ask this question prepare well for this. 

Then he asked me ''you are an ECE student why should I hire you''. This is another common question for non CS/IT students.

His 3rd question was that ''how will you declare a character in c programming'' I know this is an easy question, I fumbled here but told the answer (I didn't want some more questions like that) so I told him clearly that 'sir I know some basic C programmings only'

''THEN he told me do you have any question'' now I was prepared for this and I asked 4-5 questions. Questions were,

1) Sir your name and designation.
2) The job for which you are hiring ,how a normal day goes there (means what we have to do).
3) Do I need to study java or any other language before joining?
4) And some idea about versant round.

At last he told me to wait outside. After 5 minutes they told me to go for versant round.

I was 25th student to go for the interview and I think almost 17-18 students cleared for the next round. So I suggest everyone not to panic in mphasis interview. They will not ask tough questions they only see our confidence and communication skill.

VERSANT Round(Voice Assessment Test).

Before me 24 went for this round and I was shocked that only 6 has cleared. I was a bit tensed about this round. 
They'll send you in a room. There is a telephone with some instruction paper.

- You have to talk on phone with a computer system other side.
- There were 6 sections.

1. Read the sentence he ask you to read.
2. Repeat sent that he said.
3. Arrange the jumbled sentence for listen 30 sec long story repeat it after a beep.
4. Question and Answer round, he will ask the question you have to answer in one word. 

(Listening and understanding matters because phone line was not clear and accent got harder and harder with each new questions).

5. Two open questions.

You have to give their answer in 40 sec.

After 5 min minutes madam told me that ''RAJAN now you will work for our company'' 

And this was one of happiest moment of my life.

AND don't lose hope if you are not selected, before this I got rejection from personal interviews of 6 companies (COGNIZANT, ACCENTURE, INFOSYS, CAPEGEMINI, L&T INFOTECH and ERICSSON) so don't lose hope. ''SABKA TYM ATA HAI'' and always be positive in your interview even if interviewer ask to say about your weakness give positive response.



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