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Mphasis Interview Experience - Vijayawada, DEC 23, 2014

Hi guys ! I am Mounika,

I just wanna share my interview experience with you people,

Its totally consists of totally 3 rounds.

1. Written (I have cleared it through exam conducted by Co Cubes).
2. Technical come HR round.
3. Versant round.

Once you complete written my suggestion is just get prepared for HR round questions well I am not saying that they don't TEST your technical skills, they do it.

All you need is to be pleasant, calm, and maintain a smiling face throughout the interview.

Here goes my experience!

Before entering the room took a long breath. Entered the room by seeking permission with a smile.

Me: Good morning sir.
Hr: Good morning.

Me: Can I have my seat?
Hr: Sure.

Hr: So, Miss Mounika, tell about your self.
Me: Told.

(Guys remember this is the ice breaking question so be confident and give it in full fledged manner, max see that it should be in a natural way that you communicate but not a by hearten one).

Looking into my resume HR: Tell me something about your internship.
Me: Told.

HR : What language you know?
Me: Told.

HR: Give a brief view about C.
Me: Told.

HR: Ok thank you Mounika.
Me: Thank you sir, have a lovely day.

After 5 minutes, it was announced that I was shortlisted for 3rd round.

TIP : prepare according to your resume don't skip anything max all the questions will be from your resume.


First you will be given with a paper with instructions.

Slot 1:

You need to read out some of the sentence that are given in the paper.

First go through all the 12 sentences that should be repeated.

In first slot you need to read out the sentence when computer utters sentence number.

Tip : Go through the sentences in advance speak out clearly and loudly.

Slot 2:

You need to listen to the computer and repeat the same after a beep.

Hold the device (Telephone/Headphones) lose to your ear and concentrate completely.


Slot 3:

You would listen jumbled parts of the sentence you need to repeat them in correct order.

TIP : Just try to write starting letter of the each jumbled sentence if it very long or difficult to remember.

Slot 4 :

You would asked with some questions (easy one's) you need to answer them correctly.

Slot 5:

You would listen to story and you have to retell it in 30 sec.

TIP : Note down the character name and the operation they have done AND TRY TO RETELL IT WITHOUT PAUSES AND DO NOT UTTER THE SOUNDS THAT COMPUTER CAN'T RECOGNIZE.

Slot 6:

General questions about you.

At last I have completed the test and I was selected !

Remember friends, lets hope for the best if it hasn't occur let's take it as an experience and try to overcome negatives it's just not a say was rejected by 3 companies in different round before getting selected into it so have fun and all the best!


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