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Mphasis an HP Company Through Cocubes - Vignan University Vadlamudi, 22nd December 2014

Hi Friends,

I am Krishna koushik, in the stream of Electronics and Communication Engineering. My college is a brand for placements, but I dint get through in the first slot.

I participated almost all Indian MNCs like WIPRO, INFOSYS, CTS, IGATE, TECH MAHINDRA.

Be confident, enhance your communication skills, be fluent and it will make you to get into Mphasis.

Mphasis interview goes like this,

- Interview and versant test.

- Interview will be either TR or HR There will be a combination of Both. Its luck dependent to which panel we face. obviously TR guy concentrates on technical and HR guy on general question but Communication matters a lot in both. They will filter in this round. One who clears this will attend to versant test, so called toughest one. 

The same kind of paper will be given to you with the change of TIN and phone number where we need to call, its purely based on IVRS. If we cross 53 in versant we are in to Mphasis. 

One chance they will give, if we get 50, 51, 52, we can retake the test.

This was the pattern happened in VIGNAN UNIVERSITY, VADLAMUDI GUNTUR DIST.

Thank's a lot to IndiaBix, made my dream.


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