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Robert Bosch Interview Experience - Bangalore, August 2014

Hi All,


First of All i am thankful to indiabix for its amazing collection of questions, that comes very handy at the time of interview.

I attended Robert Bosch through off-campus in august 2014. It was an awesome experience.

First Round: do not go for the "inky-ponky" method here, as this is an elimination round , with negative marking.(0.25 for each wrong ones)
topics asked were from: C++(namespace, Pointers etc), OS, Microprocessors, Mosfets, Testing, Quants, Logical, Verbal. all in one paper.(65Qs)

Second Round: Tech Face to face Round: The interviewers were very cool, composed and you can make out just by interacting with them that they were among the best in the industry.

Just be yourself and answer , "DO NOT BLUFF", coz they are the experts and can easily make out if you bluff.

Questions were from : C++ topics, Testing, Programs to write, puzzles to solve.

After that I was given a form to fill, and shortlisted for HR round.

HR Round: I was asked about my family, Strength and weakness, Is role or pay important?, etc. HR mainly tests your ability to speak with confidence and if you  have that zeal within you to take up challenges.

After a day or two I was offered By BOSCH. It feels awesome. Keep faith in yourself.

"Things happen to you, When you least expect them to happen". So do not loose hope . All the Best guys.


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