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Robert Bosch Interview Experience - Coimbatore, August 6, 2014

Robert BOSCH visited PSG College of Technology on August 2 2014.

The Pre placement talks were held few days prior to online test. I was very much impressed as they were the only company to show live demonstration of their work.

They bought 3 cars to our campus and explained the software they developed to test the cars!

The placement process consisted of three rounds:

1. Online test.
2. Technical Interview.
3. HR interview.

The eligible branches were EEE, ECE, CSE, MECH.

I belong to EEE Dept.

The online test consisted of 60 questions. 1 mark for right answer and -0.25 for wrong answer. It consisted of aptitude questions, verbal, logical reasoning and few questions from C prog, OS and some 20 questions on Digital electronics, Microcontrollers etc.

The test on the whole was easy. The apti  and verbal questions were straightforward and RS Aggarwal book would be sufficient. The technical questions were also simple and mostly theoretical. 

About 49 students were shortlisted and I was one among them :)

Then came the Technical interview.

I went into the panel when i was called and shook hands with the interviewer and he introduced himself to me. He asked my resume and I gave it to him.

Interviewer: Tell me about yourself ?
Me: Told about my educational background, field of interest, hobbies and extracurricular activities and sports.

The interviewer asked me some questions on my hobbies..(Be prepared to answer questions on your hobbies..they will ask questions to make sure that you are not bluffing)

I answered him confidently :)

Interviewer: Write the expression for De morgan's theorem.
It was a very easy question for engineering level. I wrote it correctly.

Interviewer: Write the truth table for Full adder.

This was again a very basic question in digital electronics. Since my field of interest was Digital electronics , the questions were mainly based on that. 

I wrote it correctly.

Interviewer: What are universal gates?
Me: NAND and NOR gate

Interview: Can you implement Full adder using ONLY NAND gate?

This was a little bit tricky. You need to know how to convert basic AND OR NOT gates to NAND Gate. This took a while for me to get it right. I implemented the Carry correctly but made some mistake in SUM. He gave me another chance. In the second chance i answered correctly :)

Interviewer: What is the difference between Latch and Flip-flop?
Me: flip flop is a clocked latch. There is data transparency in latch whereas flipflop changes states depending on the clock pulse

Interviewer: How good are you in C programming?

(Since i am from eee I didn't have much knowledge in c prog.)

Me: I Know only the basics sir.

Interviewer: What are the storage classes in C?
Me:(I had no clue what they were) I am not sure sir.
Interviewer: Write the truth table for SR Flip-flop.
Me: Wrote. 
Interviewer: Since you don't know much in C I wont probe you with C prog questions but can you write a simple code for the above truth table?
Me: (It was a very simple code indeed. I just used few if, else if ,else statements and finished the code)

Interviewer: What is the difference between Microprocessor and Microcontroller?

THis was a standard question asked in most of interviews and I had prepared for it and answered correctly.
Interviewer: Do you have any questions for me?

I asked him about the recreational activities one can indulge in Bosch and the nature of job.
He told me that depending on the performance in training, people will be put into different groups. 

In the end he gave me an application form to fill and asked me to wait outside.

Outside, I was asked to fill the form immediately and I had HR in 5 minutes..
I could hardly fill the form completely and I was sent immediately to attend HR Interview.

HR Interview:
Out of 49, 32 were selected for HR interview.

Tell me about yourself?
Board exam marks and CGPA?
Why engineering?
Why Bosch?
What are your favourite subjects in EEE?
Any plans for higher studies?
were the questions and I answered what came to my mind. 


The results were announced after 2 days. 18 were selected from our college, I was one among them :) Totally 7 were selected from EEE. I was very happy to get placed in Robert Bosch, the leading company in automotive component sector. I would suggest the candidates to be well prepared with basics in their field of interest, projects. Always have a smile in the interview and be confident. All the Best!!


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