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MPHASIS Interview Experience - Bhimavaram, January 8th, 2015

Hi mates,

My name is Manoj Yakamuru, studying in VITB (Vishnu Institute of Technology). Here, I just want to share my interview experience with you all. This was my 3rd interview, so gained a bit of experiences from my previous failures in my 1st campus drive I got rejected in TR and in my 2nd I got rejected in HR (as I said I can't work efficiently at night shifts).

And in December 2014 there was a pool drive of Mphasis at our college. And a return exam was conducted at our college by ASPIRING MINDS (AMCAT pattern). Around 1500+ students appeared for the written test but as the cut of for Mphasis was quite high only 194 students got through and then the next 2 rounds were on 8th and 9th jan of 2015. 

After a gap of nearly one month after the written exam was this day of TR & HR and VERSANT so we were all so fresh and well prepared we had a very short pre-placement talk and then TR & HR. There were three panels and we were all grouped as bunch of 25 candidates and then we were taken for TR & HR. And in my batch there were only 2 boys including me I was the 9th one in our group to be called.

My TR & HR was done nearly for 20 min.

As I entered into the hall he gave me a handshake and said hello Manoj.

INTERVIEWER: Hello Manoj, have your seat.
Me: Thank you sir.

Him: How are you?
Me: Fine sir.

Him: Describe yourself?
Me: Said it for nearly 2-3 minutes with fluent english.

Him: Explain your projects.
Me: Explained all the three projects which I did.

Him: Define Malloc and Calloc?
Me: Answered.

Him: Principles of Java?
Me: Said.

Him: Give real world examples and write basic programs for this 4 principles.
Me: Wrote.

Him: What are Pointers?
Me: Said.

Him: Uses of Pointers.
Me: Said.

Him: Are Pointers used in Java.
Me: No sir.

Him: Explain the reason Manoj.
Me: I just smiled and said it has been a long time studied about that sir.

Him: Ok Manoj not at all a problem. Okay say me what do you mean by Platform dependent and Independent.
Me: Said with examples.

Him: What is JVM?
Me: Said.

Him: Why should I hire you?
Me: Gave a very good answer and we must be in such a position that we can justify our answer.


- Asked my family background.
- Do like to relocate.
- Who will take care of your family if you relocate.
- And finally, he asked do you have any questions for me. 

I said yes sir, and asked him all my queries.

And then with in five minutes I was intimated that I got through TR & HR was very happy here comes the VERSANT test the toughest of all OUT OF 194 only 110 got through HR & TR.


1. You will be given a sheet which contains instruction and 6 sections that you have to perform.

2. Later you will be given a telephone to operate-on you have to dial a number present on the paper and enter your ID number present on the paper then you will hear a computerized voice and then starts your exam.

THIS EXAM IS FOR 80 marks.

And if you get above 53 you are selected and if you get a score between 50 and 53 you will have to retake the test. Trust me its very difficult to crack second time because out of 29 students who took the retest only one got through and coming to my score I GOT 69 MARKS highest among all felt very happy.

And then within a gap of 10-15 min I was called by the person who interviewed me and he asked me what to you think I said I am pretty confident. He smiled and said congratulations Manoj your are selected. I was flying in the air at that time.

And after versant round only 31 of us were selected.

Few tips I want to share with you guys these are useful for all interviews.

1. Maintain eye contact.
2. Always have a smile on your face.
3. Be confident.
4. Don't try to bluff.

5. If you don't know the answer act for a while as if you are thinking and say you studied it a long back and you are not able to recollect (say this only once not for all :P)

SO, friends be confident through out ALL THE BEST.


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