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Robert Bosch Interview Experience - September 15, 2014

Hi everyone.

I am from EEE dept. Robert bosch conducted a drive on Sep 15, 2014 in another college. We went as off campus.

There were 3 rounds,

1. Online test.
2. Technical interview.
3. HR interview.

Online test was easy. Just basics of digital electronics, OPAMP feedback types, electronic devices and circuits, 3 question from ctrl sys and aptitude (for which R. S. Aggarwal is more than enough).

Out of 60, I attended 45 bcos there is negative mark. I cleared first round. They took 50 from 400 students.

Technical interview was easier and I cleared it. Asked basics of digital electronics like MUX, truth tables of gates, paper, project. Circuit diagrams from machines lab. The HR gave me a form and asked to fill it. About 25 were selected and we thought HR was just formality and we all got in.

Then they sent for HR interview. Just basic questions like Why bosch? Self intro. The HR didn't even look at me and it was over within the blink of an eye,

2 days later they mailed the results and they selected only 8 and I was one of them. Had never felt so happy. They take marks from all rounds and shortlist the candidates finally.

All the best for those trying for the job.


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