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Mphasis Interview Experience - Pillia Institue, Panvel, Navi Mumbai, 28th Jan 2015

I am from Sinhgad Institute, Pune. I got shortlisted for Mphasis through amcat test. Got to travel to mumbai one day before because reporting was 9 am next day.

They began their ppt at time telling they have opportunity for Software Associates, MPhasis is not just BPO company. We were around only 25 there, not many students showed up. Salary structure was 18k for first 6 months and 25k for next 6 months.

There were only 2 rounds for us (Amcat Shortlists).

1. HR/Technical Round.
2. Versant Round.

1> Since there were only 2 interviewer. One of them was for technical and other one was for HR.

Every student had to face only one of them. They were sending alternatively to them. HR interviewer was not asking technical or little technical. And other interviewer was asking too much technical as per other contenders.

Technical Questions: About Project (Compulsory, Be ready with explanatory description).

Basics of C, C++, JAVA, SQL but too much in deep, Puzzles.

HR: questions On Hobbies mentioned in resume, and other activities mentioned in resume. You should thoroughly know about what you have written in your resume. I got this round to face. HR was too much impressed with my answers and because I was as good as I had mentioned in my resume. She said you seem multi-talented, you got deep technical knowledge, so why Mphasis?"I might put you in testing department, will it be Ok for you". Be ready with this question.

Frankly speaking they were just to check our confidence, and personality. Only dumbest were rejected because most of filtration was already done by amcat test. So don't be panic for technicals.

Second round was so called voice versant round, go through this audio. Versanttest. Download sample audio.

Will give you all idea about this round. This is as sample as it sounds. But I was rejected in this round. Its not about your english or fluency of speaking. Its about how well you concentrate and listen properly. If you mispronounced proper noun its fine but not verbs and adverbs. Be ready. Its harder than what it sounds in sample audio. They asks many sentence, paragraphs, Immediately after you done with speaking back first sentence.

All the best. !


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