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Mphasis Interview Pattern - Bapatla Engineering College, Bapatla, Guntur Dist. Feb 10 2015

Hello Friends,

I'm sudeep from Vignan's University.  I think my post will some some idea about Mphasis interview.

I have shortlisted for the Interview through AMCAT.

They said that we will have only one round of interview. But more no.of people attended the drive. So, to eliminate some of them they have conducted the GD. 10 number of participants are allowed for GD and they have given 30Sec time to everyone to speak about the given topic. They said the result after completion of every batch.

After that they called me for the next round. The round may be either TR or HR.
But they will cover both TR and HR.

1st Question:

Q: Tell me about yourself.
A: Said. for 5 minutes and trapped him towards my Internship project.

Q: What's your role in your project?
A: Database management and Design perspective.

Q: Asked to write queries
A: Written

Q: Which programming languages u know?
A: I said C, Java

Q: Can you write a program to perform string reverse operation?
A: Written.

Next asked about some HR questions and Said thanks and asked to leave.

After 10-15 mins coordinators came and said the results.

And I've shortlisted.

Next round is versant test.

This is the elimination round. Huge no.of people will get eliminated in this round.

In versant test he gave some paper and asked to call to particular number and have to do as per the instructions given in the paper.

It took around  15mins to complete that versant test.

The pass mark for versant test is 53 marks but I secured 52 marks. So, they have given another chance for me for Versant test. People who secures above 50 they will give one more chance.

After some time the HR Manager came and called upon some names and said "Hope we will meet soon in Mphasis".

My name is one among those names. 

Finally I got selected.

Don't be panic in Versant test.

All the Best guys..!! :)


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