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Robert Bosch Interview Experience - Kolkata, November 6, 2014

My name is Shaurya (ECE) and I am sharing my whole experience regarding BOSCH.

First Round : Online test which consisted of two sections.

In 1st section there was 35 quest from technical and and rest 25 quest was general aptitude which was under 2nd section. And time allotted was 60 min all over.

Approximately I have attempted 35 question which was all correct according to me. There was a negative marking and that was 0.25. There was also a sectional cutoff.

After clearing the online test I was called for Technical round.
Technical round took place nearly about 50 mins.

TR: Introduce yourself.
I :  Told.

Then the series of question started from my project.

As I did my project on microcontroller based embedded system so they asked me to write the source code involved in my project.

After answering the series of question from my project he entered into the programming part of microprocessor and microcontroller. (Luck will not matter. Only your Technical skill will matter).

Some basic electronics questions was also asked.

And then he asked me from C programming language and that included :

Factorial, Fibonacci, gcd through recursion.
Storage class, macros, enumerations etc.

Lastly they gave me aptitude question to solve.

After this I got through the TR Round. (TR Round is an elimination round. If anyone will clear the TR round then he/she has 90% chance of selecting in it).

HR round(For 10 mins).

HR : Why Bosch ?
I : told

HR: Then they asked me about in which company I sat till now.
I : I told TCS.

HR: Why you wasn't selected.
I: That wasn't my day.(HR laughed).

It was just a formality.

Lastly I was selected in Bosch.

So I want to suggest that be prepared with the basic electronics, Microprocessors, C language, Digital Electronics and Microcontrollers.


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