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Mphasis Interview Experience - Chennai, February 27th 2015

Hello everyone,

I am Sourav Mondal, from AVIT, Chennai. I had attended drive of Mphasis conducted by CoCubes. CoCubes came to our college for the aptitude (written online test) round in our college campus on 24th Feb 2015. Guys its very tough round as their cutoff will be high in this round. Around 90 students appeared for this and only 3 got selected (including me). We got confirmation mail for our next round on 27th Feb at Panimalar Engineering College, Chennai.

We went there and saw students from many colleges were there around 100.

Rounds [HR Interview, Versant round].

On the day of interview there was a brief intro about the company by their representatives (HR members) there were 4 members.


The interview process was conducted by CoCubes representatives in a healthy manner. We were allotted the conference room and 4 students were called per batch. There was 4 HR panels and it was a individual face to face round.

My experience:

Me: Good Afternoon sir.
HR: Good Afternoon please have a seat.

(Handed over my resume)

Silence for 2 mins.  He was going through it.

HR: OK Sourav. Where is your college located?
Me: (really, an unexpected question). But guys this is a trick question, HR wants to know how good you are in explaining and guiding people.

I told him.

HR: Tell me about yourself.
Me: Told.

HR: Tell me about Chennai. Its 4 years you have been here so you might have gain much about this place. Tell me a few you liked and disliked!
Me: Told and he was really impressed by my answer as I can see him smiling.

HR: (as I am from Kharagpur, West Bengal) he asked him why Chennai?
Me: Told.

HR: Tell me about your mini project.
Me: Explained clearly. "guys its very important to know about your project and explain the key features of your project. On basis of this you will be asked technical questions. I explained it well so he didn't asked me but friends were asked and to write program on C or write test cases of login page also."

HR: Sourav, you are the chief event coordinator of your college! Can you explain me your role briefly.
Me: Told about my role and events that I have coordinated.

HR: Nice. So you have some managerial quality! Good. So tell me some good qualities a manager should have.
Me: Told around 5-6 points.

HR: So after 5 years, where do you want to see yourself?
Me: Told and explained. (its a golden chance to show your interest in IT field and also the company. Answer it smartly and boldly.)

HR: Tell me about your hobbies!
Me: Told, and as blogging was one of my hobby I told it briefly about my blogs and interest.

HR: Where would you like to join "a company which pays you more but doesn't allow you to choose your domain" or "a company pays you less but gives you freedom to choose domain"
Me: Choose the second one and explained.

HR: Tell me something you know about the current technologies in demand.
Me: It was slightly a tough questions for me but managed to answer two.

HR: You are from Kharagpur, so why you didn't study at IIT Kharagpur and came to AVIT, Chennai?
Me: (the most funniest answer) Sir to join Mphasis, and smiled.

HR: Was smiling and he said. That was a good one.

So any questions for me.

Me: Yes sir, asked about the training program in MLA Mangalore.

He explained me clearly.

HR: Any more questions.
Me: No thank you sir.

HR: OK Sourav, you can wait for the results. Hand shacked and I went back to the conference room. After 5 minutes, results came and I was told to prepare for the Versant Round.

I was 14th student to go for the interview and I think almost 10-11 students cleared for the next round. So I suggest everyone not to panic in MPhasis interview. They will not ask tough questions they only see our confidence and communication skill.

Later my college friends also joined me and we all 3 were selected for the next round.

VERSANT Round (Voice Assessment Test).

Before me 11 went for this round and I was shocked that only 4 has cleared. I was a bit tensed about this round. 

They'll send you in a room. There is a telephone with some instruction paper.

- You have to talk on phone with a computer system other side.

- There were 6 sections.

1. Read the sentence he ask you to read.
2. Repeat sent that he said.
3. Arrange the jumbled sentence for listen 30 sec long story repeat it after a beep.
4. Question and Answer round, he will ask the question you have to answer in one word. 

(Listening and understanding matters because phone line was not clear and accent got harder and harder with each new questions).

5. Two open questions.

You have to give their answer in 40 sec.

6. Story retelling round. 3 stories and you need to repeat it same, mainly if you repeat the characters and the situation it is enough.

Guys this is the most toughest round for IT selection. There is a cutoff of 53 or else you wont be selected.

I completed my versant round and was satisfied with my test. But looking to the previous selections I was a bit tensed also.

Finally the results came for our batch and I got 57. I was selected and it was one of my happiest moment I felt. Now, I have got a job and I was relieved from all tensions I had.

2 of us got selected from our college and around 38 were selected out of 100 (including us).



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