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Mphasis Interview Experience - Mumbai Goregaon, March 10, 2014

Hello guys, My name is Rohit and hope so my interview experience will be helpful for you.

I have taken an AMCAT in November and scored well. After that I got admit card for Mphasis company. My interview location is Mumbai goregaon Mphasis office.

My interviewer was so friendly and I think almost 99% student got selected for versant test.

My interview goes around 20-25 min.

He had asked me almost all the question from my resume. Prepare about your project and your role. Family background, Hobbies were also asked to me. Dont be fake, they would easily catch.

I'm from vernacular medium still communication is not an issue for interview. The most important is versant test.

In this they will provide you a sheet, in that there are 12 sentences for part A. We had time to prepare that sentences.

Part A: Reading. Read slowly and properly almost most of the marks are covered here only.
Part B : Repeat. Here you will have to catch ascent. Sentences are easy but ascents can be american, british, french.
Part C : make the sentences. Same ascents matter. You should have good listening ability.
Part D: some easy question that you can easily answer. Here also you can score well.
Part E : most difficult one. They will read 2 story of 5 line in different ascents and we will have to repeat a story in 40 second.

My suggestion is if you are unable to catch foreign english then you should speak anything. But please don't be silent. Speak anything.

After telephonic round they told to all student that they will inform on phone on same day but I didn't get a call on that day. Surprisingly I got a call on next week. :) :) and Now I'm Mphasian.

All the best guys.


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