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Robert Bosch Interview Experience - Coimbatore, July 20 2015

Robert BOSCH visited KCT (Kumaraguru College of Technology) on JULY 20, 21.

First of All I am thankful to IndiaBix for its amazing collection of questions, that comes very handy at the time of interview.

The Pre placement talks were held few days prior to online test. I was very much impressed as they were the only company to show live demonstration of their work.

They bought 5 cars to our campus and explained the hardware developed on the cars :)

The placement process consisted of three rounds:

1. Online test(20/7/2015).
2. Technical Interview(21/07/2015).
3. HR interview(21/07/2015).

The eligible branches were (EEE, ECE, EI),(CSE ,IT), (MECH, AUTO).
3 set of ques paper.

I belong to ECE Dept.

The online test consisted of 60 questions. 
                 1 mark for right answer 
                 -0.25 for wrong answer. 

It consisted of 
                  Aptitude questions(10), 
                  Verbal and logical reasoning(10) 
                  Few questions from C prog(5), 
                  Digital electronics(10),
                  Microcontrollers 8051(5),
                  Microprocessor 8085,8086(10),
                  Control system(1),
                  EC II(2),
                  Circuit Theory(1).

I attended 40 ques...in that 3 ques was wrong in my point of view...remaining 37 was correct...Do not go for the "inky-ponky"....Be careful negative mark is there.

The test on the whole was very easy. The apti and verbal questions were straight forward and RS Aggarwal book would be sufficient. The technical questions were also very simple.

About 65 students were shortlisted out of 375 students and I was one among them :).


1) 8085 supply voltage________
Ans: 5V.

2) 8086 S4S3(10) represent  _____
Ans: Code/none.

3) 8051 PSW based question.

4) Cmos had advantage over TTL.

a)Low power consumption and high fan out and high noise margin.
b)Low power consumption and low fan out.
c)High speed with low power consumption.

Ans) a.

5) How many half adders and Or gate is required to build a 4 Bit Full adder?

a) 8 &4
b) 8&3
c) 7&4
d) 7&3

Ans) a.

6)What is the output voltage if input is 3V with forward loop gain 2 and feedback loop gain of 2?

a) 1.2
b) 0.6
c) 3.2
Ans) a.

7) Power output of a rectifier is 40W and Power input is 100W what is the efficiency?

a) 20%
b) 40%
c) 80%

Ans:) b.

8) What are the number of select lines for 32:1 mux?

a) 3
b) 4
c) 5
d) 6

Ans) c.

9)Number of flip flops needed for mod 34 counter?

a) 5
b) 6
c) 7
d) 8

Ans) b.

10) Most commonly used scheduling algorithm?

a) Multilevel queue threading 
b) First come first serve
c) Pre-emptive
d) Random robin

Ans: c.

11) Remove AC signal_______
Ans) Decoupling capacitor.

12) Questions to identify oscillators like armstrong oscillator(transformer)

13) EX-OR _____o/p

14) Ratio and mixture(simple ques)

15) probability(simple ques)

16) time and work(2)..

17) permutation and combination....HOSTEL ____(vowels together) 
Ans) 240. 

18-22) Phrase and synonymy and antonym(very simple).

I have just mentioned some questions only.


I am the first person for the technical round. I am really revolt because Im the 1st person.
But I got good Tech.HR. 
Technical round took place nearly about 30 mins only. Because I answered all the ques with full confident.  

TR: Introduce yourself.
I :  Told.

Then the series of question started from my project.

As I did my project on PIC microcontroller based embedded system..They asked me to explain my project.. please draw the Block diagram, circuit diagram and then explain..It really impressed them... Read your source code involved in your project.

TR: Difference between MC and MP.
I :  Explained clearly with real time application....and then they asked series of ques in that ...I answered all the ques. 

TR: What you did in IV?
I : There I learnt about one project...I explained that project...He said ok...

At the end of the Tech.HR...he gave one form to fill it and wait outside....Finally he asked... DO you have any ques?

Actually I am waiting for this chance...iI would like to ask couple of  question.

1) Your company invented lot of things like ABS(Anti Lock Breaking System)..why you can't implement the driver less i.e) self driving car?.

2) In automobile Y the front wheel will be small compare to back wheel? 

At last....please suggest me on which thing I still need to work....
He said....your RESUME is simple and neat...but you will put SOP on your RESUME ......I said k sir..I'll change it.....

I said.... Hope to see you soon sir .....It shows your confident level......He smiled ;) 


After this I got through the Personal  HR Round. (Tech.HR Round is an elimination round. If anyone will clear the Tech.HR round then he/she has 90% chance of selecting in it).

HR round(For 15 mins).

HR : Why Bosch ?
I : Told

HR: Why should I hire you?
I : I told .

HR: What position you will be in after 10 years, If you got selected in BOSCH?
I: I told.

HR: Tell about your family member?
I: I told.

It was just a formality. But be confident....

Lastly I was selected in Bosch. The Results were announced at 7.40pm..21/07/2015.

30 were selected from KCT college, I was one among them :) Totally 11 were selected from ECE. I was very happy to get placed in Robert Bosch, the leading company in automotive component sector. I would suggest the candidates to be well prepared with basics in their field of interest, projects. Always have a smile in the interview and be confident. All the Best!!

So I want to suggest that be prepared with the basic electronics, Microprocessors (8085,8086), C language(only Basic), Digital Electronics and Micro controllers (8051). Source code is more important in your project....Please don't give your project to project center...They will easily identify...I suggest Do It Yourself...project play important role in Tech..round.

To my knowledge what I heard of Bosch is:

Actually there is no bond.
Excellent work culture. 
Excellent respect for employee.
Free food.
Good salary.
Good onsite opportunities... it would be nice I hope so.

Friends I hope you like my review. 
All the very best!!.......;).
Be confident.


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