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Mphasis Interview Experience

Hello everyone. My name is John Wilson. I recently cleared all the rounds to get into Mphasis. Believe me! Its very easy. Just be confident.

Mphasis interview was set up by FirstNaukri.com people who mailed us information about venue, timings and they even gave us our respective hall ticket numbers. If you guys did not sign up for one of these kind of sites please sign up immediately. They help you a lot. I'm a BCA student and criteria was 60% throughout your graduation. I had 70% throughout.

Mphasis interview took place at Dayananda Sagar Institution in Bangalore on 13th March 2014 and i would like to share my experience with you all and hope it will be helpful and has enough information to everyone who read this.

So this is what it is:

There were three rounds in the interview process for us:

1. Aptitude Test (Online)
2. Technical Interview and HR (Both at once)
3. Versant Communication Test.

As soon as we went in, we were asked to assemble in the college auditorium where all the instructions regarding the interview process were given. Me and two of my best buddies Dev Mishra and Rahul kumar had lot of fun. Believe me this helped us a lot to chill and not to be worried untill when they called us all to take aptitude test! Our hearts started beating faster and faster! Somehow we reached college library where we had to choose a computer to give the online Aptitude Test. So here are all the details you need about Aptitude Test:

Aptitude Test:

Firstly, the aptitude test was online and it was conducted by Amcat.

We were asked to fill in the form to start up with our aptitude test. It contained three parts:

1. Verbal Communication Section.
2. Quantitative Section.
3. Logical Reasoning Section.

I would strongly recommend you all to be prepared for these sections. R. S. Agarwal book would do. It was an easy test.

After we finished giving aptitude test we were asked to wait in the Heritage block of the college where I was waiting. Each of us were given time slots to attend the test so I had to wait all alone since my friends had to give after I finished.

Finally after waiting for a long time they announced our results and I was selected and so did both of my friends. We were very happy that we got selected for the next round of the interview that was Technical Interview. And we were asked to come the next day for the next interview process. We received mails confirming that we were selected. So make sure you check your mails just to be sure.

The next day we had informative section where the Mphasis HR (I don't remember her name) explained everything about MphasiS company the answered few questions which were asked to her. When we had assembled in the same room each of our names were called out (alphabetically) and we had to submit our resumes and had to wait for them to call out our names for the Technical Interview process. Finally, after waiting for a long time again my name was called and we were instructed to go to the room where interview process was happening. This is what happened in Technical Interview process. (Please note that Technical and HR round was conducted at the same time because of shortage of time):

Seriously, The HR that I got was a cool guy. 

I walked in confidently. (Always remember to walk in confidently this would leave a positive effect on you).

Me: (smiled) Hello sir, can i have a seat?
HR: (smiled back) Sure.
Me: Thank you. (Confidently)
HR: (Looked at my resume) Don't you want to do MCA?
Me: For now I have no plans of doing MCA.
HR: Why not?
Me: I have other plans of doing certifications while I'm working or may be MCA as well but depending on the situation.
HR: Okay. Tell me about your projects.
Me: Explained.
HR: Good. Tell me about your family background.
Me: Told.
HR: Nice. What are your aspirations.
Me. Told. (Whatever you say be positive and be confident).
HR: Okay Wilson, I like your confidence, but open up your mouth a bit wider while talking (I was restricting my mouth while speaking) so that it will be helpful for you in the other rounds that you're going to take. Somehow I'm selecting you.
Me: (Extremely happy) Thank you sir, I would surely follow your instructions and will make sure that I make the changes in me.
HR: Thank you. (Smiled)
Me: (Smiled back and walked out confidently).

I explained my project completely by specifying all the modules and platform I used to develop it. He did not ask me much about technical stuff because of that maybe. Make sure you explain your projects completely. THIS IS IMPORTANT.

I can't say everyone would come across this kind of HR or Tech interview so make sure you do your home work. My friends were asked about a lot of Tech stuff. The HR I got was seriously cool. 

Everything went well. And the final round was Versant Communication test. This test was a telephonic test which I will explain it below. Unfortunately there were no sufficient telephones at that time since each test took about 20 mins to complete we were asked to attend it after three days at Aspiring Minds main office at Koramangala. Each one of us were given time slots to attend the Versant test so make sure you note down yours if given.

After a long wait of three days we went to Aspiring Minds office to take the Versant test. This time there were less people. Say 6-7 people for each time slot. Mine and my friend's was given at the same time which was 11:30 AM. So this is how I cleared Versant test:

Versant test:

What is versant test?
Versant is a quick, reliable spoken English test that is used for recruiting and training. It is an telephonic test where you need to dial a number and have to dial in a unique number that has been given and follow the voice instructions.

Believe me this is not as hard as your think it is. I was scared as hell because I had reached so far to the final round and din't want to be rejected. So I googled everything and did everything I could to get the information. But only after attending the test I came to know it is dead easy.

Here is what you guys need to do if you successfully want to clear the Versant test easily with good %. Pass percentage given for us was 53% and above. 

Points to Remember:

1. In most of the cases, Companies give a hard copy which will have a Test Identification Number, once you receive the hard copy or soft copy, take 5-10 minutes of time and read Part A twice or thrice to get familiar with the terminology. This is one area where we have opportunity to gain marks.

2. Clear and loud pronunciation is the key.

3. Never give a pause ( except in case of Commas)

4. Never eat words or don't fake your accent 

5. Please ensure that you are in a closed room with good Voip phone. Keep your focus. 

6. Don't try to write anything while attending test.

7. If you don't answer one question, don't let that affect another question. 

What includes Versant:

Part A: Reading. Please read the sentences are you are instructed.

How to crack Part A: This is perhaps the most easiest part of the Test. An automated sound will instruct us to read a particular number, the key is we should immediately respond and should speak loudly and clearly. But dont read fast. By doing this we can bag max marks.

Part B: Please repeat each sentence that you hear

How to crack Part B: Here system speaks a sentence and we have to repeat it. It will start from small sentences to long. This may be difficult for some people. Here are the tips that help to gain some marks. At least repeating a part of the sentence is beneficial. Don't imitate sound, system may not recognize. If you dont understand any thing, just speak a sentence from Part A. But dont be quiet.

Part C: Questions. Now please just give a simple answer to the questions.

How to crack Part C: This is another tricky area of the test. Listening skills are going to be the key for Part B and C. Automated voice asks questions we have to answer them in two or three words max (Two is suggestible). Sometimes answer will be in the question it self or it will be a direct question.
For EX: How many tyres a bicycle will have, you say 2. Same rule applies, dont be quiet.

Part D: Sentence Builds. Now, please rearrange the word groups into a sentence.

How to crack Part D: Here an average listener can answer 50% of the questions. We have to re-arrange the sentences which are in jumbled form. Try to repeat the words clearly which are there in the sentence. Don't be quiet. Don't pause between.

Part E: Open questions. You will have 20 seconds to answer each of the three questions. Each question will be repeated twice (only for Part E)

How to crack Part E: This is the most easiest part of the test. Readers are requested to follow my instructions as is. These are the open ended questions. For Ex: It will ask you prefer to work individually or a group or you prefer to stay in a small town or a large city.

The point we have to remember is there are no right or wrong answers for Part E. Hence the readers are advised to be ready with 3 small paragraphs for three questions which can be spoken for 20 seconds each. Just read them clearly and loudly. It only looks for pronunciation and vocabulary. It will not mind right or wrong. If you want you can read with in the Test paper. No pauses. Dont stop reading until you hear a sound asking you to stop.

Readers are also advised to check out this link below and download sample stuff. 

This is only helpful to understand the pattern and make sure you download all the sample stuff and listen to it to get an rough idea about how this process goes. Don't worry about anything. Be calm and cool. That is the key.

Finally after giving the Versant test we got our results in 5 mins and all of my friends including me made it through the Versant test and we were instructed to leave the office and told us that we would be getting the Letter of Intent (not to be mistaken as offer letter which you would get after you get Letter of Intent) to our respective mails in a week's time. 

Conclusion: Be cool, be confident and positive minded. Have fun.



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