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Honeywell Placement Paper - Technical Questions

The selection process of the Honeywell consists of Technical interview. The candidates can expect questions based on their final year project. Along with those questions, the candidate can expect questions based on C, C++, data structures, etc.

The most frequently asked questions are listed below and will help the candidates in the preparation of the interview.

• What is the difference between micro kernel and macro kernel?
• Can you give an example of micro kernel?
• What is the different computer architecture?
• Explain what is the requirement in MIMD?
• What are various steps under which a C program is converted into .exe file?
• Explain the different kinds of tree - Binary tree, Binary search tree, AVL tree?
• State the difference between arrays and linked list?
• What is meant by polymorphism?
• Can you write a program to implement polymorphism?
• Which data structure is used in expression evaluation?
• Can you explain why paging is used?
• Explain what is software life cycle?
• Explain what is testing?
• What are the different types of testing?
• Explain what is meant distributed system?
• Explain what are the differences between Pascal and C?
• Explain what is a Real-Time System?
• Can you tell what the difference between Hard is and Soft real-time systems
• Explain what is a mission critical system?
• Explain what is the important aspect of a real-time system?
• Explain what is segmentation?
• Explain what is internal and external fragmentation?
• Explain what is meant scheduler?
• Explain the types of scheduler?
• Explain the storage classes in C++?
• Can you write a program to implement static variable?


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