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Category : IT / Software
Website : http://www.mphasis.com
Headquarter : Bangalore, India
Founded : Incorpor
Employees : 40,426
Founder(s) :

Selection Procedure of Mphasis -

Mpahsis pool campus recruitment consists 4 section
Mpahsis written test
1) Written test
2) Group Discussion
3) HR interview
4) versant (Verbal Communication Test)-IVR (Interactive Voice Response) test

Mphasis Written Test conducted by AMCAT group This paper consists of four sections

1.Comprehension reading(2 passages,10 qns-10M)

2.Logical reasoning(15Q-15M)

3.Numerical Ability(15Q-15M)

4.Tecnical qns frm C&Ds,C++,Java,OS,DBMS(20Q-20M).

2 Mphasis Group Discussion than elimination round
update your general knowledge before attending interview, my GD topic was on anna hazara,Mercy Kiling,
they will drill ur communication..... 
dont talk too much at the same time don be silent..... 
put up valuable points ... 
Be careful... 
your english sholud be short and sweet...... 
dont make grammatical errors.... dont stammer........
They will give one more topic also after completing the first one……

3 Mpahsis Technical and Hr round
Do u know c language
What is Function?
Function is set of lines of code. It can be used for reused as many times in the program. If there is no functions concept in c language then number of line in the program would be more.so to decrease the number of lines which are reused commonly many times in the program.
Do you know DBMS
Tell me some statements in DBMS
In DBMS we have many statements such as select, update, delete.
Which catagory they belong to
Tell me about Dynamic memory allocation
two types malloc,calloc. 
In malloc the memory is allocated into single unit and it is divided but coming to calloc it allocates the memory in the form of blocks. 
They are type casted because the default return type of malloc,calloc is void.

Mphasis Hr interview question
what are your extra curricular activates
Why should we hire u?
What is your Dream Job?
where u would be after 5 years?
what are the qualities of Project leader?
How you communicate with your team members?
Do u have any enemies in your team?
How long do you work for the company?

Mphais IVR Versant (Verbal Communication Test)

Tere are seven phrases here

1:read the sentences as instructed

2:repeat the sentence as directed

3:answer the question in short(the question itself contains the answer)

4:rearrage the words and frame a sentence

5:story retelling

6.answer the questions in 40 sec…general or personnel